LilA Dubois, your French VIP companion

​​Deeply Offered

​I am a French woman, naughty and radiant for Hedonist gentlemen with ardent desires,
​ages 25-60, of every ethnic origins.

​When you call a girl, you own her... for a while.
​It is a very powerful act, deeply arousing... and I love that too!

​Book in advance,
I only offer a few dates a month!


To protect my health and yours,
I do not offer any more meetings until the end of the pandemic.

You can still write me an Email:
we'll celebrate calm coming back with sweety sins!



​​​Dear Gentleman,

​I only meet with few gentlemen a month to make sure we spend intense moments of mutual pleasure.

​Dizzy and Inspiring, all of my paths are offered to you, for our highest PLEASURE.
I like playing and submit myself to male strength and relish your nectar...

You enjoy giving, taking and getting pleasure,
you wish to flow your appetite and energy through a deep moment you won't forget.
You are respectful and courteous before and after,
but you know how to let go and folow your instinct through the present moment,
you'll surely make me squirt and thus make the most of my exceptional qualities through an intense mutual intoxication.

As an hedonist, I enjoy to meet few people for a long time.
To have enough time to free our minds, to alternate massages with frenzy
To let our bodies feel intoxicated with pleasure, and enjoy until complete fulfillment.



​ ​I do like carnal ​intense ​pleasures, as far as you understand that they cannot be contractual obligations but spontaneous desires between 2 consenting adults.
Many possibilities that will depend on your courteous behavior.

​I am not a domina, I will not be tied nor blindfolded, I do not perform rimming on you nor prostate massage... NO FISTING, PISSING, RAW GAMES, ENEMA.
I let your mind imagine what we could do...

​I love Threesomes with 2 men... If I already know at least one of you!

​ As smart as I am sensitive, sincerely interested with getting to know new people,
I am a real and elegant French woman who will brighten any event where you find my presence advantageous or enjoyable.

In addition to fine lingerie, I have available a large choice of coktail and party dresses, as well as black slinky ones.
I wear them with natural, elegance and a touch of enjoyment
far from any kind of sophistication.




​I only meet you in your 4/5* hotel.
​​​I also enjoy escorting you to switching clubs...

My fees are non negociable
It respects my talent, how I offer myself with generosity and sincerity
It reflects an independant, erotic and chosen way of life.

You should be financially comfortable and in peace with your choice
to relish my companionship serenely.

As well as politics and religion, money is not welcome in a courteous conversation.

Intense ​Intimacy

500 > 2H

Fiery Break
​​Take, give and receive...

650 > 3H

Intense escape
​A meeting that will leave us fulfilled

Tasty Savoring

500 > 3h

Lunch +
Intimacy 1:30
​​Pleasures of the senses, complicity, frivolity

600 > 4H

Diner +
Intimacy 2h
​​​A dinner of all kind of pleasures

800 evening

A deep break
Sins of gluttony and intoxication of the senses...

1000 & one night

1000 & one Pleasures
​​​​Let's be selfish... and share everything!

Plural Pleasure

1000 > 3H

Ardent Threesome *

Pure intensity with 2 men
Submission, anbandon and excessive gluttony

800 > 3H

Libertine Night *

A voyeur apperitive, sensual dancing and hot lounges...

1200 > 1H30

Shameful Plurality *
Lust and debauchery, viewing and sensual pleasures...

Lasting Complicity

1500 long night

Toooo much
​​​​​Let's say...
From 6PM to Zenith!

2200 day & night

Suspended in time
​​​​​The body and the mind, the mouth and its words, peace and intoxication

3200 weekend

​​​​​​Bitch and girl friend, gentle and cheeky, submissive and smart, cheerful and caring

​+ 1000

Additional day
The pleasure is never ending...

​Here are the donations I request for my companionship and entertainment.
Anything that happens outside of this is simply an act between two consenting adults.

The hotel booking must be done at least the day before to confirm our appointment.



​​I will prepare my body fully and carefully for you.
​You too will have to make yourself appetizing!​​​

​The donation for our arrangement should be in an envelope left in the bathroom, easy to see, for my ARRIVAL.

Should we meet in a public place, just slip it in your favorite newspaper.

A-level requires to follow some rules of health:

Change condoms, watch your caresses.



I appreciate an Email lila.dubois.75 gmail.com with :

  • a presentation
  • your proposal - when, where, how long
  • your contact instructions

    ​Then I'll give you my phone number fort a SHORT talk.

    ​I do not give any additional picture.
    I preserve my private life and the one of the gentlemen
    who spend time in public places with with me.

    ​The personal information we'll share to create an
    atmosphere of trust remains absolutely confidential.

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    ​You'd like to know even more about me?​​​
    I like creativity, wit, perceptiveness and genuineness​​​


    ​Bill Viola, Van Gogh, Monnet, Brancusi, Michelangelo

    ​Beethoven, Rackmaninov, Chopin, Sati, Weiss, Rameau
    but also transe/minimale/deepHouse, Greek, Arab and Indian music

    Devos, Coluche


    ​Sure I like stilettos (T40), fine lingerie (90B), ​sexy ​clubbing dresses (T38/M)...


    ​​Walking by the sea or through the fields


    ​Dancing in clubs with sexy clothes


    Gastronomy, ​healthy food, sushis, organic fresh fruits, fish and seafood...


    ​I like strong red wines

    ​Medoc (and its grand cru Margaux, Latour, Mouton-Rothschild)
    and Châteauneuf du Pape.

    ​I also like Champagne of course!


    ​Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens

    ​​Oriental and woody fragrances made by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    Lila Dubois

    lila.dubois.75 gmail.com


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